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4 min readOct 28, 2021

Farm sponsorship

Farm Grid engages in blockchain farming and real farming activities where stakeholders can choose which plant or animal production to sponsor and get returns from the sales of these products after a stipulated period of time. The returns are stated in the sponsorship campaigns. This is unlike other blockchain farming programs that end in the blockchain. Farm grid allows persons globally to participate in agricultural production via the farm sponsorship campaign. This entails the sponsoring of a particular farming activity such as poultry, goat and sheep rearing, maize, and grain cultivation over a stipulated period of time(Planting season) and in turn gets a reasonable profit from the farm proceeds (harvest season). This farming is done in real farms existing in Africa but the investment is controlled by the smart contract. Sponsoring a farm in Farm Grids makes you earn in two folds. Farm sponsors get rewarded from the real farm proceeds and also the blockchain farming interests through farm grid integration with Xend finance, a defi yield protocol.

Why should I participate in Agriculture in Africa

The world population increases every second and thus there is an increasing global need for quality food production. The majority of the farmers that feed the world through their farming activities are living in abject poverty and thus have very limited resources to produce as required. About Seven thousand persons die of hunger daily and over Eight hundred million persons are malnourished globally according to UN-FAO. Africa has a gift of good arable land that blossoms food production but lacks the resources to optimize this wonderful gift of nature.

Food is one of the basic needs of life and that suggests high demand. The need for food globally has never been met. That is why Farm Grid in line with the United Nations SDGs II and III provides a platform where farmers can get sponsored globally to enable them to produce enough food for all and also make profits for sponsors.

What are the various farming activities available for sponsorship

  1. Poultry farming: Sponsor a poultry farm with $50 and get 20% APY after a period of 4 months. Investors can earn as high as 72% in APY as a compounded interest for this category.

2. Maize farming: The APY for maize cultivation is 20% after 4 months. The per-unit price for sponsoring this farming activity is $30. Compounded interest for this category yields 80% APY

3. Sheep and goat rearing: sponsorship in goat and sheep rearing options are also available for a period of 6months with an APY of 25%. Per unit price for sponsorship is $30

4. Rice farming: Sponsor a rice farm with $500 and get 20% APY after a period of 5 months. Compounded interest for this category yields 80% in APY.

5. Cow sponsorship: Per unit sponsorship for this category is $1000 with a 25% APY after 6months and a Farm Grid NFT after the period of sponsorship.

6. Pig sponsorship: Per unit sponsorship for this category is $500 with a 25% ROI after 6months. Compounded interest and APY of about 72%.

How to sponsor a farm

  1. Register and Login to Farm Grid using your email
  2. Select a preferable plan and click on sponsor now.
  3. Deposit money via p2p (for crypto novice) an account number will be made available from your country to pay in or Connect wallet to purchase the unit/s desired.
  4. The sponsored farming category will appear in your portal wallet as an ongoing event.
  5. After expiration of the allotted time frame of sponsorship, your capital plus your APY will be deposited automatically in your Farm grid Portal wallet, and status changes to completed.
  6. You could withdraw all or reinvest as the case may be.
  7. Withdraw also follows the same route as deposit whereby your asset is sold out via the P2P to deposit your native fiat in your local bank account or you withdraw directly to your wallet example; Metamask, Trustwallet.
  8. You could also select automatic reinvestment from the onset



FarmGrid Africa

Farm Grid is an organization of Agro-Tech experts that promote one health by assisting Farmers achieve their goal of healthy and safe food and livestock.