Farm sponsorship

Why should I participate in Agriculture in Africa

What are the various farming activities available for sponsorship

How to sponsor a farm

  1. Register and Login to Farm Grid using your email
  2. Select a preferable plan and click on sponsor now.
  3. Deposit money via p2p (for crypto novice) an account number will be made available from your country to pay in or Connect wallet to purchase the unit/s desired.
  4. The sponsored farming category will appear in your portal wallet as an ongoing event.
  5. After expiration of the allotted time frame of sponsorship, your capital plus your APY will be deposited automatically in your Farm grid Portal wallet, and status changes to completed.
  6. You could withdraw all or reinvest as the case may be.
  7. Withdraw also follows the same route as deposit whereby your asset is sold out via the P2P to deposit your native fiat in your local bank account or you withdraw directly to your wallet example; Metamask, Trustwallet.
  8. You could also select automatic reinvestment from the onset



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FarmGrid Africa

Farm Grid is an organization of Agro-Tech experts that promote one health by assisting Farmers achieve their goal of healthy and safe food and livestock.