GAMING IN FarmGrid(FarmVerse)

This Meterverse Farming Game enable players to walk into the meterverse and plant their crop and prepare for harvest.

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Harvest Game: Farming RPG Games

Source: Wikimedia

Harvest : Harvest is the name of the Role-playing Farming Video Game.

Think you know Farming, huh? Play our Farming game to become a King or Queen

Eg. King of Yam in Africa.

Games available:

Poultry farm

Yam Farm

Rice Farm

Oil Palm Plantation


Farm Guard



Game rules

  1. Player must have the grid token for unlimited experiences.

2. Points are allocated for each game won

3. A leaderboard shows swimmers and number of participants

4. Points accumulated can be traded for an NFT.

1. Poultry Farmer

Available Birds

Native chicken






Poultry Game

Decide on the type of poultry to breed

Eg. Native fowl

Provide a Pen for it. Options; a. man made (secured), b. Farm trees (not secured)

Choose a feeding type. Options; a. Self feed (inefficient) b. Fed by owner ( efficient)

Freedom of movement. Options; a. Free (danger) b. Restricted (safer)

Hawk protection. Options; a. Protected (safe) b. Unprotected (not safe)

Spy employment( this would notify you of intending danger before it happens. Options . subscribed (safe) unsubscribe (not safe).

How it works

You are expected to raise a chicken from chick to adult fowl. You must carry out all the necessary steps taken to grow a chick in a real live farm such as feeding, provision of suitable pens, protect the chick from natural disasters such as heavy rain, insect attack, Hawk attack, snake attack, and some wild cat attack. Treat the chick when it is sick either by self or employment of Vet services. Quarantining the sick ones to prevent spread among the rest of the population. If you do all the things required of you , your chick would grow to become a mature HEN or Cock of economic value. The number of successful nurture gives you a point as would be determined. Use of steroids and other illicit substances to facilitate growth is prohibited. Your bird could die as well.

The enemies such as rain , pests, Hawk etc would come as real enemies and you would need a farm gun to shoot them one by one till you kill them all else they would get to your farm.

Different gun has different killing ability

You cn also hide your chicken by paying some $Grid token


Crop cultivation: A land is cultivated and seeds are planted on the land. Free manure and water are provided for the first proceeds to grow the crops. Crops are harvested and stored in barns. 100 Bags of wheat/ Rice successfully cultivated will be taken and players will be rewarded with seed NFT. To get more manure and water for plants, the Grid token is used to purchase more manure and water for crops to get more rewards

Poultry farming: Farm starts with one hen and feeds made available to grow the chick into a mature hen. Any holder that Successfully nurtures 50 Hens in the poultry will be awarded Hen as an NFT. To get more feeds and enlarge poultry homes, the grid token is used.

Goat, sheep and cow rearing: Any of the mentioned livestock is given as a start up and a player is required to nurture the livestock to maturity, a player that successfully nurtures 20 of any of the livestock in the ranch is awarded a livestock as an NFT.

After the first testing and free trial on food and water, subsequent purchases will be some using the grid token.


Source: Wikimedia

The word search or word cross game is also available on our website.

How to win

a. Find words relating to farming activities, agriculture, pest and insecticides on the word search game to gain points.

b. Each word found will earn the player a point and a step further on the leaderboard.

c. The game is governed by time, 30 secs is allocated to each word puzzle level.

d. To gain more time, player would need the grid token to keep playing.

The word puzzle game will be made available on our website. Play to win points. Accumulated points after successful completion of each level will be made known and the NFT for such point range will be awarded to the player.

Point ranges

10-30 points -- Egg NFT

31-60 points --Hen NFT

61-90 points -- Goat NFT

91-120 points -- Cow NFT

121-150 points -- Farm NFT


People are coming to check who is the baba of yam in africa

Who is leading in different games



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